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Thai Floods? - No Problem!!!

Severe flooding occurred during the 2011 monsoon season in Thailand.

Serbian Outdoor Cooking

Strange way really! :)

Best Camouflage Ever

Military camouflage refers to any method used to render military forces less detectable to enemy forces . In practice, it is the application of colour and materials to battledress and military equipment to conceal them from visual observation.

Porsche made from Chocolate - Holiday Special!

In the lead up to Christmas, a Dutch Porsche dealer has decided to decorate his store with a Porsche 911 Carrera S completely covered in chocolate.

This is Better Than Big Mac!

These pictures were taken by one of the Main Roads road crew at Cooyar (North of Toowoomba, QLD).

Reasons Why You Should Carry a Camera

Some Cute Pics to make You Smile...

Fail Humor Picture and Video Dump

Fail Humor Picture and Video Dump...

House After Gas Explosion

A gas explosion is an explosion resulting from a gas leak in the presence of an ignition source.

Amazing Looking Soap Sculptures

Turn program hand laundering into an enjoyable game with these beautiful little detergent statues.

Sexy Halloween Girls Costumes Picture Dump

Bored Night Halloween Costumes Picture Dump - Chosen Sexy Babes...

Forms Of Flames By Pol Tergejst

I was always fascinated with the shape of flames. I often ask myself what are flames actually made of, what kind of material is that.

Paris During World War II Occupation - Color Photos

Paris is the most romantic city in the world! But it was close to disaster during the Second World War, when occupied by Germany.

How to burn 85000 USD - Literally

This looks so sad! :( Poor Car... And poor 85k USD!!!

Bored 2 Fun Picture Dump on Friday

A Curious Look at the Wonders and Absurdities of Humans... The hottest Picture Dump on the net for daily Fun full of interesting pics for bored people...

Monster Pig - The Biggest Boar Ever

I looked for some info on whether this is really the biggest boar ever seen, but I could not find anything convincing.


Newest PLUGS

The 200 Orgasms Per Day Woman} The 200 Orgasms Per Day Woman

SARAH Carmen, 24, says the Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome that she suffers from can cause her to have orgasm at any time of day.

Fat Man on the Beach} Fat Man on the Beach

Damn, he can not stand up! I know ill be UP With those two Babes...

There is Something In Here i can See it!} There is Something In Here i can See it!

:) Totally Crazy Demotivational Posters from TotalVerueckt PicDump!

Naked Therapist Strips Down For Troubled Patients} Naked Therapist Strips Down For Troubled Patients

A freelance computer programmer, White says she decided to perform online strip-therapy after she was left uninspired by the theories she learned as an undergraduate psychology student.

People and Their Avatars} People and Their Avatars

As it usually consumes quite a bit of time in computer games, there seems to be really enough people who have so much homoerotic tendencies that they can stare for hours at a man's ass ...

Woman Laughs as Seal} Woman Laughs as Seal

:) Damn, this is awesome! Just look at her...

Recently in an Interview} Recently in an Interview

The Nutty Kautz seems to have personality disorder! ;)

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