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This is Better Than Big Mac!

These pictures were taken by one of the Main Roads road crew at Cooyar (North of Toowoomba, QLD).

Controversial Ad Campaign - Shocking Announcement

This campaign has brought the flames and debates about taboos in Germany. The campaign shows scenes that can be understood as sexual intercourse and a woman and a German shepherd.

Abandoned Bowling Alley is Scary

I Wonder what happened here?

Baby Stroller Suitcase Crazy Transportation Device

A stroller is a tool used to carry an infant or small child. But this one is just CRAZY!!! What kind of parent would use this ?

The Coastguards Must Love Him

This sorry sight is enough to give any captain a sinking feeling but this apparent wreck is actually meant to look as though it's heading for a watery grave.

Ants Playing Soccer

This is the strangest and weirdest soccer game. So what is the next ? Ant World Cup ?

Adorable Cross Eyed Opossum

An opossum has been spotted looking a tad confused as it entered its new tropical house at a zoo in Odense, Germany.

20 Strange Things to Put in Car Trunks

You Have To See It To Believe It!!!

Capuchin Catacombs of the Dead

For visitors to Palermo who enjoy the macabre and/or bizarre, the Catacombe dei Cappuccini (Catacombs of the Capuchins) are a must-see.

This Dog Is Everything But Cute!

Please take a look at pictures, and decide for your self!

Do You Want To Play PainStation?

In the beginning of 2004, after three years of developing and exhibiting PainStation, we decided that building a small series of PainStations would be a good idea to draw a line and finish the project for ourselves...

Steel Skull - DAMN Weird Artwork

Made out of what looks like a bunch of kitchen utensils, this stainless steel skull sculpture, by Subodh Gupta...

Scary Evil Clowns Faces

WOW… Some of those are Creepy...

Pensioner Lifts 14 Bricks With His Horn

A Chinese pensioner can lift up to 14 bricks with a 'horn' that's grown on his forehead.

Beaver PC Mod - Very Bizarre and Sick

This Stuffed Beaver PC Case has to be one of the most morbid yet creative case mods in the relatively short history of mankind.


Newest PLUGS

The 200 Orgasms Per Day Woman} The 200 Orgasms Per Day Woman

SARAH Carmen, 24, says the Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome that she suffers from can cause her to have orgasm at any time of day.

Fat Man on the Beach} Fat Man on the Beach

Damn, he can not stand up! I know ill be UP With those two Babes...

There is Something In Here i can See it!} There is Something In Here i can See it!

:) Totally Crazy Demotivational Posters from TotalVerueckt PicDump!

Naked Therapist Strips Down For Troubled Patients} Naked Therapist Strips Down For Troubled Patients

A freelance computer programmer, White says she decided to perform online strip-therapy after she was left uninspired by the theories she learned as an undergraduate psychology student.

People and Their Avatars} People and Their Avatars

As it usually consumes quite a bit of time in computer games, there seems to be really enough people who have so much homoerotic tendencies that they can stare for hours at a man's ass ...

Woman Laughs as Seal} Woman Laughs as Seal

:) Damn, this is awesome! Just look at her...

Recently in an Interview} Recently in an Interview

The Nutty Kautz seems to have personality disorder! ;)

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