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Beware of New X-Ray Machines

As a result, the term "X-ray" is metonymically used to refer to a radiographic image produced using this method, in addition to the method itself. X-rays are a form of ionizing radiation and as such can be dangerous...

Funny - Picture Dump

Funny - Picture Dump

Old Guy at the Beach


Animals Butt Shots

Nice collection of animals butt shots... NSFW ;)

Only in Russia

Great Mother Russia - Funny Side...

When Blackie meet Blonde

This is one terrible car accident!!!

Russian army or NATO

Well take a look at these pictures and decide!

Women as explained by Engineers


Top 6 very badly chosen logos

The logo contains too much info and is badly presented!

How to cheer up your colleague

How to Comfort Your Friend? How to Cheer Yourself up After a hard day work?

Tokyo bizarreness

Tokyo is really bizarre town... Just look at those photos...

New Funny Feminine Wipes

New funny Feminine wipes have been specifically developed to keep you feeling funny wherever you are...

A Redneck Album

If you have a redneck photo that you would like to submit, PLEASE DON'T!!!


Newest PLUGS

The 200 Orgasms Per Day Woman} The 200 Orgasms Per Day Woman

SARAH Carmen, 24, says the Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome that she suffers from can cause her to have orgasm at any time of day.

Fat Man on the Beach} Fat Man on the Beach

Damn, he can not stand up! I know ill be UP With those two Babes...

There is Something In Here i can See it!} There is Something In Here i can See it!

:) Totally Crazy Demotivational Posters from TotalVerueckt PicDump!

Naked Therapist Strips Down For Troubled Patients} Naked Therapist Strips Down For Troubled Patients

A freelance computer programmer, White says she decided to perform online strip-therapy after she was left uninspired by the theories she learned as an undergraduate psychology student.

People and Their Avatars} People and Their Avatars

As it usually consumes quite a bit of time in computer games, there seems to be really enough people who have so much homoerotic tendencies that they can stare for hours at a man's ass ...

Woman Laughs as Seal} Woman Laughs as Seal

:) Damn, this is awesome! Just look at her...

Recently in an Interview} Recently in an Interview

The Nutty Kautz seems to have personality disorder! ;)

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