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Controversial Ad Campaign - Shocking Announcement

This campaign has brought the flames and debates about taboos in Germany. The campaign shows scenes that can be understood as sexual intercourse and a woman and a German shepherd. The campaign created by agency Jung von Matt lifestyle magazine Deutsch, consists of two copies of printed graphics that have appeared in publications targeted audience, such as Frankfurt, Cicero, the Financial Times, Glamour and Gala.

According to the website of the agency Jung von Matt, the main point of the poster is "to draw attention as much as possible." The images seem to be inspired by Helmut Newton's photographs, taken in 1984. The animal chosen, the German Shepherd is a symbol of German culture.

Since then, the campaign has achieved its objectives, even if the conflict and the refusal has a negative impact on some sectors. Although some critics consider immoral and printing of poor quality, others believe they are right, which is nothing but the translation of a taboo, and the recognition of sexual fantasies for some people.

Reality: The campaign was designed and produced by women.


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