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The Coastguards Must Love Him

This sorry sight is enough to give any captain a sinking feeling but this apparent wreck is actually meant to look as though it's heading for a watery grave.



The boat, dubbed Love Love, is the brainchild of French designer Julien Berthier and it has certainly had unsuspecting passers-by around the world stopping for a second glance.
The bizarre ship, which looks as though it is constantly sinking, sticks out like a sore thumb wherever Julien takes it, and he has even had police and coastguards sailing to the rescue.



"love love" is perhaps one of Julien Berthier 's more unusual sculptural installations. The floating sculpture is made from a large sailboat that has been modified to appear as if it is capsizing. Despite its battered appearance the boat is fully functional and able to move around thanks to a built-in motor. To create the piece a 6.5 meter yacht was
cut in half and a new keel was added to allow the boat to remain upright in the sinking position. Since its construction berthier has taken the boat out on numerous trips inside harbours like canary wharf in london and
in Normandy, France.



Julien fitted two electric motors underneath to propel the boat and it's actually surprisingly stable. 'In calm waters it's really easy to manoeuvre although choppy waters can be a bit harder,' he said.

'When I was on Lake Constance in Germany the police, firemen and harbour masters were all warned in advance about the boat but someone who happened to walk past saw it and called for help.

'Unfortunately the person who answered the call was unaware and more than 20 people were sent out to help rescue me.

'I like taking the boat out because it's important to me that the public gets to see my work out there in everyday life before it ends up in museums and galleries.'









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