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UV Blacklight Ink Tattoos

Get a tattoo that no one can see. Yes there are actual glow in the dark tattoos as well as UV reflective tattoos. These are permanent and if applied properly completely undetectable.



Now, before you get immersed in the idea of a stealth tattoo take your time to think about what makes something either glow in the dark or react under UV light. This will require breaking down both what makes something glow in the dark and what makes something react to blacklight.


Glow In The Dark Tattoo Ink


All things that glow in the dark by themselves contain phosphors. A phosphor is a substance that radiates visible light after being energized. These types of inks have been used in tattooing but not a single "glow in the dark" tattoo ink has every been approved by the FDA. The main reason for this is that phosphors are known cancer causing substances. To make phosphors more visible and retain more energy, or light, you must add a radioactive substance of some sort. This is used in the manufacturing of high quality watches.



UV (Blacklight) Reactive Tattoo Ink

There are approved inks for blacklight reactive tattoos. Blacklight tattoos will not glow in the dark but will seem to glow under a blacklight. The inks are made of material that is florescent. What does that mean? Hopefully it means there is no phosphorus in my florescent tattoo ink, because until just recently UV reactive inks were made with phosphors.



It seems that glow in the dark tattoo ink is more frequently rejected by the skin than the inks used in regular tattoos. In some cases, they are so uncomfortable and prone to irritation that they have to be removed. Due to these complications, you may even have a hard time finding a tattoo shop that will do one if you are still certain you want a glow in the dark tattoo. If you do find one, ask questions. Make sure that the ink contains no phosphors or EverGlow. Some types of glow in the dark inks can be bought from overseas, but they are not approved for use in the United States. Once you do find your tattoo shop, expect the tattooing process to be just like that of any other tattoo you may have. The only difference is that the artist may sometimes have to flip on a blacklight in order to see what he or she is doing.



Given its extensive testing for FDA approval, with absolutely no adverse reactions to it in over ten years, it is all in the proof, this ink is most likely the safest ink on the market.

- It contains NO phosphors
- It is NOT radio active
- It DOES NOT contain EverGlow
- It does NOT cause cancer
- It has FDA approval as a Spectral Marking [tattoo] Pigment that was developed for use in tracking [tattooing] animals and fish - and yes the same ones we eat, and has been tested and used with NO adverse reaction in humans for over 10 years.
- the florescent dye is completely safe and has NO carcinogen and is human safe and does not spread or "blow out" because the dye is contained in micro capsules...



BlackLight Tattoo Session


















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