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Half Pipe Steel Roller Coaster

Half Pipe is a steel roller coaster located at Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado.



This roller coaster takes advantage of Denver's proximity to nearby ski resorts that cater to snowboarders. Riders are placed in one of two cars on the train which is made to resemble a giant snowboard. Each car is a free-spinning circle that holds eight people. The track is essentially a giant, upright U and trains are loaded at the bottom of the U. LIM engines accelerate the train up both sides of the track. A typical ride consists of approximately five to six cycles of the train traveling through the U.



Technical Specification:


Roller Coaster: Half Pipe
Amusement Park; Elitch Gardens (Denver, Colorado, USA)
Classification: Roller Coaster
Type: Steel - Sit Down
Status: Operating since 5/27/2004
Make / Model: Intamin AG / Half Pipe Coaster / Half Pipe Coaster (30m)
Designer: Ing.-Büro Stengel GmbH
Categories: Shuttle
Length: 229' 8"     
Height: 98' 5"     
Inversions: 0     
Speed: 43.5 mph     
Duration: 2:00     
G-Force: 4.5     
Trains: Single train with 2 cars. Riders are arranged 8 across in a single row for a total of 16 riders.
Notes: The "rows" on this roller coaster are arranged in a circle so all riders face outward. This circle of riders also spins.








Via Wikipedia and ThemeParkReview


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