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Model No. 2/5: Special Edition for etoy.ARTCOLLECTION

In the beginning of 2004, after three years of developing and exhibiting PainStation, we decided that building a small series of PainStations would be a good idea to draw a line and finish the project for ourselves. The intention was to build five machines that would be reliable and durable enough to form a "working archive" of the Project »PainStation« so it could be exhibited and experienced in the future, too.

The new machines incorporate all the experience we made with playing and exhibiting the machine and thus are the best PainStations ever build. Improvements range from industry-strength hardware over many new gameplay features to the overall finished and polished look.

 The new case, painted in three metallic colors, consists mostly of medium density wood fiber panels and has a modular design. This makes it easier to transport the system and to exchange defective components. Besides a 15 inch color screen, there is standard PC technology inside and a special control plate. The pain levels can be changed from 50 % to 150 %. The player must confirm that they are willing to participate in the game by pressing a "I agree" button before playing. Added benefits for the players include leather padded arm rests and the new ergonomic layout of the controls. Newly added fans in the PEUs cool the system down better between games to avoid electronic problems and can serve the players if they hit the right bonus item.

Full model overview, exhibtion dates etc. can be found on the Official PainStation Website  


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